GSA Schedule

The United States General Services Administration (GSA) establishes long-term government wide contracts with commercial firms, to provide access to millions of commercial products and services. These can be ordered directly from GSA’s online ordering systems, eBuy or GSAAdvantage!®

For those with authorized GSA procurement credentials, CvI offers the following products through the GSA procurement websites, on:


GSA Products:

  • FCS 3001 Cryogenic Sampler
  • MANCS Mobile Air/Nitrogen Charging Station
  • MNG 2A/SP7 Mobile Nitrogen Generator
  • SNG II – 20410 Stationary Nitrogen Generator 20410
  • SNG II – 40815 Stationary Nitrogen Generator 40815
  • NBSS-3 Nitrogen Backpack Service System (High & Low Pressure)
  • NBK-4 High Pressure Nitrogen Backpack Kit
  • NBK-5 Low Pressure Nitrogen Backpack Kit
  • NDSK-1 Nitrogen Deployment Sustainment Kit